Not your Grandfathers leather.

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I started taking orders again for my leather products after taking time off when our daughter was born. Support from the industry and my customers has been overwhelming and much appreciated.

Those who have bought from me know that customer service and satisfaction is my top priority. It’s with this in mind that I have decided to temporarily suspend taking new business so that I can focus on working through the large backlog of orders I have already in place. 

If you have a Mini Mean Street coupon you have not used yet I am still accepting new orders for those, please contact me with the information requested on the dedicated MMS page linked below.

In addition to completing existing orders, in the near future I plan to offer batches of ready to ship sheaths for recently released knives as well as other popular models. These will be posted on Instagram, Blade Forums and/or Facebook. This will allow my customers to get sheaths for the newest models out, without the wait time!

I am also going to be a vendor at Blade 2018. I plan on having inventory for all recently released Busse knives along with some for Zu BladeWorx and CPK. 

If you would like to be added to my waiting list to be contacted once I am taking custom orders again, or to be notified when I am completing a batch of sheaths for specific models please email me. Also don’t hesiatate to email me for a status update on an existing order or just to chat about what I am working on next.  

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and patronage!



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Although I have been a gun, knife and outdoor enthusiast/tinkerer all of my life, around 2000 I started making Kydex sheaths for resale when people were just finding out what Kydex was capable of. That hobby business expanded into leather working, knife making, blacksmithing and holster making, all passions I still try to indulge as frequently as possible. After the 2008 election I spent the vast majority of my time making leather pistol holsters for the booming firearms market, and at times I was receiving 50+ new order requests a week forcing me to turn business away. This was after all still a hobby..

In October 2013 after 18 years of marriage my wife and I adopted a newborn baby girl. We had about 5 weeks notice from the time we found out we had been selected until she was born. I immediately stopped taking new orders and put my business on hold so I could focus on building our new family. I have never regretted that decision! Those of you who make things for a living or hobby know it’s never out of your blood. I kept making leather gear, the occasional knife or tool for friends or personal use, and had plenty of honey-do’s to keep me busy in the shop, but wanted to get back to making quality gear for others as well.

Once our daughter was a little older and we’d settled into our routine, I had a little more time on my hands and decided to get back to working leather. It was still tough to work out in the shop be separated from the family, impossible when my wife travels, so I moved my leather working studio from the shop to the house. 

While I make sheaths for just about anything, I try to stock most models from Busse Combat, Zu Bladeworx & Carothers Performance Knives on hand for fitting. I will continue adding them as new models are released. I also own many popular fixed blades from other companies that are not listed here. I can fit sheaths for well over 200 different models without the need for you to send yours in.



Construction Quality

All of my sheaths are hand cut from the finest American harvested and tanned hides from Wickett & Craig or Hermann Oak. The glove leather I use is the best quality you can get out of Italy, and my exotic skins come from only reputable certified importers, with serial numbers that can be traced back to their origin when required.

Pirtlemade sheaths are custom fit directly to the knives they are intended to carry, then wet molded and embossed for a perfect fit. All of my edges are hand boned and polished in a 3 part process and only colored with oil based dye. I never use paint-on edge coating products that eventually chip and wear away. My process is physical and time consuming but the edges of my sheaths will look great for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

Each sheath is marked with the model information of the knife it’s meant to carry, so there’s never a doubt if you grab the right sheath. Very few of my customers only have one knife and you should never store the knife in its sheath, so most of us have a drawer full of them.

All steps of my construction process are taken with the intent of creating the best handmade product I can for your knife and the process is never rushed. Each sheath takes about 1 week of bench time from start to finish.

If you buy one of my sheaths and are not satisfied with it for any reason you can return it for a full refund.


 Thanks for stopping by PirtleMade.com!

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