Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“Mr Pirtle! WOW! This is hands down some of the finest work I’ve seen! I have a handful of sheaths from a handful of other builders and this one is by far the nicest piece! All the boys at work were jealous. I almost feel bad carrying it, but everything I own gets well used. Thank you so much. I’m excited to get more work from you.” – Ryan K

“I received the sheath today. It is exactly what I was wanting. Very cool!! The height on my belt is perfect and very comfortable.” – Nathaniel M.

“Just wanted to send you a short message letting you know how much I like the new sheathes. You killed it on the Leatherman. The knife sheathes also. I really don’t think I can find anything I would change. They are exactly what I personally want in a sheath.

I had a few of the other sheathes you’ve made for me out comparing them. Really amazing how you’ve refined them. I don’t really have time to go into specifics today. I just want you to know, I’m proud to own them, and I’m proud of you. You’ve continued to improve and evolve both your skills and design… and they were pretty damn good to begin with. Top notch. Thank you.” – Josh S.

“The sheath came and looks amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!!!” – Michael L.

“The sheath is here and it is beautiful. It will be fun to carry the PT5. It is not much of EDC knife but it will still be fun to have on the belt. I will highly recommend your work to anyone.” – Sean H.

“Chad, thank you for making that sheath for me! It’s exactly what I wanted! Couldn’t be happier. Just wanted to let you know I did receive it, thanks again!” – Luis A.

“Received it yesterday, love it! You are the man!” – Bert R.

“Just wanted to give you my wholehearted thanks. The sheaths are amazing, only word for it. My fiancé said I was like a kid at Christmas, I been anticipating these sheaths so much and talking them up to her. She was taking pics of me unwrapping everything lol.

She was also super impressed and I am having a hard time keeping that GW out of her hands. She has made it clear she wants something in that vein, along with one of your sheaths. She comes from the horse world and has dealt with custom saddles and such, so she knew she was looking at some fine leather craftsmanship!

I am so impressed with the pocket sheath. It is so slim and comfortable, I can barely feel it. The clip integration is ingenious. I am also really digging the dark leather and stitching combo on the INFIDU.

If I get a chance I will try to post some pics on the forum.” – Thomas N.

“Wow, just wow!!! Pretty much speechless! Posted a thread in BF. I am one satisfied customer!!! Awesome work bud!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” – Jared C.

“Got the sheath today and I must say it looks better in person. Very nice work sir and the Meaner Street fits perfectly. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again. Thanks.” – Jack H

“Hi Chad, I just got the sheath. Very very nice, the fit and finish is perfect. I love the colors. Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to that SOS LE sheath. Thanks and have a great weekend.” – Tony S.

“Chad, finally got my sheath picked up. Been out of town. It is outstanding! Blew me away! Can’t say enough how happy I am with it. Well worth the wait. Thank you again.” – Chris K.

“Sheath arrived safe and sound. Magical work my friend. Now I just have to tinker with it to try all the set ups and test them for me. It looks perfect and the options are better than I imagined. I hope you took some pics of it for your website. If not, I will. Cause people will want this set up! I can’t believe how flexible the combos are. Right/Left or belt or clip on? Wow! I am blown away.
Thank you again for the great work.” – Jess G.

“I received the sheath for my HG-55 today. Your work is absolutely excellent. You’re a true craftsmen. The fit and finish is perfect, I’m absolutely impressed and you have made a customer for life. Thank you so much. I finally have the sheath my favorite knife deserves.” – Tyler A

“Got my sheath on Friday. Wow! Honestly didn’t think a leather sheath could be so great. Best one I have ever owned. Really surprised me on how smooth the inside of the sheath was, use to it being fuzzy for lack of a better word. Also use to having leather dust all over the blade when unsheathing. Definitely going to be getting all my sheaths from you. Ha felt like I had so much more to say but think I am just to impressed to find the words. Never thought a leather could be worked so well.” – Trenton R.